Everything your family needs to prepare for any emergency.

SAM ANDY FOODS... "Life Insurance in a can."

Our Labels Contain a Wealth of Information!

Whether you're using our big #10 size cans or the smaller #2.5 size cans, you'll find the full-color Sam Andy labels tell you everything:

  • How to reconstitute the food.
  • Preparation of the food.
  • Recipes on many labels.
  • Ingredients listing.
  • Nutritional values.
  • Calorie information.
  • Number of servings per can.
  • How to store opened product.
  • Mini-moisture, mini-weight foods.
  • NiTechVac packed for freshness and long-term storage.
The Famous Best-Selling Sam Andy Cookbook and
Food Storage Guide.
This comprehensive fast-selling Sam Andy Cookbook and Food Storage Guide offers a wealth of advice on storing food, hundreds of creative recipes for breakfast, main dish meals, soups and stews, desserts, jams and jellies, and baking, along with menus to help you plan and serve delicious meals the whole family will love.

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