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Within days of the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, March, 2011, many West coast health food stores and pharmacies, unprepared for a rush of shoppers fearing a drifting radiation plume and desperate for potassium iodide, were selling out of these tablets. Despite authorities claiming there was little risk of dangerous radiation reaching the West Coast and, low amounts of radiation, more than normal, were being detected. An employee at a Santa Monica Whole Foods store said they store has been getting, "phone calls off the hook for the last week basically asking if we have it," while another staffer in Venice said his store was sold out but offered to put a caller on a list, though, "it's 12 pages long."

To be on the safe side, many consumers were just not content to let the officials look out for them. Maybe…isn’t it time you did your own thinking as well, in case of radiation near you?

Sam Andy IS your Safety and Emergency Preparedness First Line of Defense!

As a leader in the field of providing Storage Food reserves for home and institutional use for over half a century, we expanded our offerings to include survival tools and emergency essentials decades ago, for campers, hunters and survivalists.

With the state of the world today - political unrest, ongoing "mini-wars" and the threats of terrorist attacks, earthquakes, tornadic winds and violent weather events, EVERY person reading this should be thinking like a "survivalist".

Of particular concern, and as current as today's headlines, is the desire of many people to stock Potassium Iodide tablets, which Sam Andy is now offering to customers, as a "first line of defense" against radioactive poisoning. Both Federal and State public health officials know and advocate the stockpiling of Potassium Iodide but wouldn't you like to BE SURE YOU are prepared by getting yours NOW, "just in case"?

From the Department Dept of Homeland Security - Ready.gov -- "Consider keeping potassium iodide in your emergency kit, learn what the appropriate doses are for each of your family members."

"The FDA recommends potassium iodide (KI).for thyroid blocking in radiation emergencies" and "The data clearly demonstrates [that] KI can be used to provide safe and effective protection against thyroid cancer caused by irradiation."

Could it Happen Again? Could it Happen HERE? Could it happen SOON ?

In March, 2011,
Japan was severely impacted with the near total destruction of four nuclear reactors on their coast after a series of massive earthquakes, after-shocks and tsunami. It may take decades to rectify the release of radioactive water and gasses in the region.

April 26, 1986, an explosion occurred at the Soviet Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine, about 80 miles north of the city of Kiev on the border with Belarus. The resulting radioactive cloud contaminated an area half the size of Italy and exposed nearly 8,400,000 people in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and millions of others, in Poland, Scandinavia, and throughout Western Europe
were also affected.

The explosion at Three Mile Island happened in the
U.S. on Wednesday, March 28, 1979, with failures in the non-nuclear secondary system, followed by a stuck-open pilot-operated relief valve (PORV) in the primary system, which allowed large amounts of nuclear reactor coolant to escape and, there have been other subsequent "near misses" in U.S.
nuclear reactors.

A Potential Threat As Current as Today's Headlines!

At least five
U.S. nuclear reactors are in earthquake-prone seismic zones, potentially exposing them to the forces that damaged the Fukushima plant in Japan, a new analysis shows.

The at-risk reactors are the Diablo Canyon Power Plant and San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in
California; the South Texas Project near the Gulf Coast; the Waterford Steam Electric Station in Louisiana; and the Brunswick Steam Electric Plant in North Carolina


The Importance of Thyroid Protection

Thousands of cases of thyroid cancer have demonstrated that the most important step in a radiological emergency is protection of the thyroid from RAI (Radioactive Absorption of Iodine)-a step which can be assured by the prompt use of a safe, virtually 100% effective, thyroid-blocking, over-the-counter pharmaceutical-potassium iodide (KI). But KI has to be taken prior to exposure, so its distribution has to happen before a radiation release occurs, i.e., have it on hand if you live within 50-100 miles of a nuclear facility!

Unfortunately, thousands of children had to suffer radiation-induced cancer before this lesson was learned. But, astonishingly, US planners have chosen to ignore it. The FDA has found KI to be safe and effective, and capable of protecting the public from radiation that might be released by a nuclear weapon, or a damaged nuclear power plant. Why hasn't the government acted to assure we have it? Isn't that what Homeland Security is all about?

This is NOT "crying wolf" -- Over the years, the arguments against KI have ranged from foolish to irresponsible. Initially, the industry claimed there was no need for KI because nuclear accidents were impossible-but the incident at
Three Mile Island (and other US "near misses") refuted that contention.

Congress DID Mandate Stockpiling of KI in 2002, but failed to follow through. Despite an Act of Congress, nuclear industry groups have successfully retarded stockpiling efforts, and kept the issue out of the public's eye.

You, and your family, will be the SAFEST in case of a nuclear event, by having you own supply of
Potassium Iodide ON HAND NOW !

Get a 2-week supply for one adult
for ONLY $19.95.

Instructions and dose recommendations are included, on the package insert.

(Hurry…While Supplies Last)


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