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SAM ANDY FOODS... "Life Insurance in a can."

Why You Should Immediately Become a

Please read this carefully.  It explains how you can make $$$ fast!

Dear Prospective Dealer,

The demand for Sam Andy foods worldwide is higher than ever. Unsettling world conditions have made people more aware than ever of the wisdom of having a stored supply of food on hand. This means we are in URGENT need for Dealer and Reps in many parts of the country.

For a FREE, no-obligation Sam Andy Dealer Opportunity Information Pack, go to the Dealer Information Form on the left menu and simply fill in the information, then submit it. Or if you prefer, print out the form and mail it to Sam Andy, 596 McDaniel Blvd., Suite 111, Canon City, CO 81212. If you qualify as a Dealer Rep., you will be able to help your friends and neighbors, and help yourself all at the same time.

If you're interested, get all the details today! Cash in now on the booming emergency preparedness business. No experience is required. We have step-by-step "How-To" business building tools to help you all the way. No franchise fees, no territorial limitations. Take orders anywhere in the U.S.A. and even worldwide.

Did you know Sam Andy is one of the oldest and biggest producers of low-moisture, long-term storable foods in the whole U.S.? But that's not all. With our huge expansion program going on right this minute, the best is yet to be. And I'm talking about the "best" for all of us - YOU included! The opportunities for Stocking Dealers of Sam Andy "storable foods" is nothing short of sensational. Case in point: We are already one of the major suppliers to concerned and "tomorrow-minded" people all over the country. Groups of all kinds - governmental, church, and otherwise - look to us for top-quality foods year in and year out.

When you stop to think about it, it just makes good sense to lay aside good, nourishing "storable" foods - storable for 15 - 25 years. And this is precisely what so many families are doing today. For example, in talking with the ultimate consumer nowadays, we're hearing more and more comments like this:

"Frankly, my family and friends all wonder what the future has in store for our country. The recent disastrous events trouble us, and with the worldwide economy going the way it is, any security minded person would be foolish NOT to be prepared for food shortages."

When we ask if they feel safe knowing they have a supply of good, nutritious, storable food in reserve the answer is always:

"Yes indeed! With a supply of Sam Andy Foods on hand I know my family will eat, and eat well, if anything happens. We have always been the type of family that looks beyond today - we prepare for our future. The peace of mind and security is beyond description.

Bear in mind we're talking about MILLIONS OF FAMILIES whose thinking is right in line with those quotes above. These families constitute your market, and they're waiting for you to help them right now!


Sam Andy Foods Reserve Programs are a reality whose time is NOW. And the great part is, these foods are so delicious, so nourishing - and can be prepared in so many wonderful ways.

Last week a customer said "What I like best is the convenience. All you do is add water and cook, and before you can say 'dinner is ready', my hungry crowd comes running. I'm getting rave reviews every meal. And the think its all done with Sam Andy low-moisture foods!"




Let me tell you about it.

Sam Andy's Dealers now have a new Quantity Discount Wholesale Order Form. Note how quickly and easily you can start earning very good profits. Remember, the market is HERE - right now, today. Right in your own front yard!

As a Dealer, you'll be helped every step of the way. New dealers are coming on board fast, as a result of this great new Dealer Opportunity.

Here's how to get started: Send in your Dealer Information Request Form today! If you qualify and are approved, you can start by ordering immediately and in a few weeks, you'll see your bank account on the way up!


You could look the country over and not find a more helpful, a more dedicated company - if we do say so ourselves. What does this mean to you? Simply...

  • You get the benefits of over 50 years of in-depth nutritional research and experience.

  • Plus special Family Food Banking and Planning Guides.

  • Plus the popular Sam Andy Cookbook and Food Storage Guide.

  • Plus the largest, most up-to-date factories you'll find anywhere!

  • Plus complete Food Plans for individuals, families and institutions!

  • Plus, a proven, money-making Mail Order Catalog Program.


    That's not all...you also get...

  • Fast and friendly service - the old-fashioned kind that's getting harder and harder to find today.

  • A powerful, profit making line of "How To" survival and emergency preparedness books.

  • All the Sales Tools, Ideas, Marketing Tips, Success Secrets, and Insider News that you could ever need - all aimed at increasing your profits.

  • Our experienced professional staff - ready to help you in every way at a moment's notice.




    Folks everywhere - including people right in your immediate area - are recognizing the need for storing up foods for emergencies.

    Why? The answer is simple. Just look around. See what is happening in and to the world and America today. Everywhere you look you see warning signs - with more on the way!

    Read the newspapers. Turn on your TV. You'll be greeted with headlines such as these:


    With the terrorist attacks against the United States September 11, 2001, our country has undergone a change -- we are more security-conscious than ever before -- and there is every likelihood that it could happen again. The attack against our lifestyle has alerted citizens to the fact that now, more than ever, to be survivors we must be self-reliant and prepare.

    25 Good Reasons
    for you to become a
    Sam Andy Dealer TODAY!

    1. The demand is HIGH. More than ever, the people in this country are realizing the need to be prepared for emergencies of every kind -not only from others who envy our lifestyle and freedom, but also to protect against natural phenomena -- hurricanes, earthquakes, severe weather -- and against our own fragile economy and job loss.

    2. The media is a dealer's best friend right now -- practically every day the news tells us about rising unemployment, plant closings, corporate failures. People want to be prepared.

    3. Sam Andy is here to fill the need for preparedness. We've been in business for over half a century. We're a pioneer in the field, and
      have set the standards for quality that others follow.
    4. Sam Andy's wholesome dehydrated, vacuum-packed foods have been selected by expert dieticians to provide the proper nourishment and caloric content. And Sam Andy foods have a shelf-life of from 15-25 years!

    5. As a Sam Andy Dealer, you'll find there are many ways build your business. You can sell anywhere in the world, there are no franchise fees, and you can control your own profit margin.

    6. The demand for Sam Andy products is high right now because people are becoming aware of the need for preparedness and self-reliance.

    7. Sam Andy offers you unparalleled marketing and backup support. Our "Million-Dollar Marketing Strategies Media Kit" contains a wealth of information on how to sell Sam Andy Products and how to build your business, step-by-step.

    8. You'll be your own boss. You've thought about starting your own business. Becoming a Sam Andy Dealer is the first step to success.

    9. Sam Andy's Dealer Starter Kit has everything you need to get going successfully, and our direct mail order Food & Emergency Supplies
      Catalog is a sure-fire sales aid.

    10. As a Sam Andy Dealer, you can further add to your own revenue by recommending interested dealers. If they're accepted, you will receive bonus over-rides on their sales. By recommending other dealers, you provide a residual income stream for you and your family.

    11. Our Dealer Rep program is another way you can add to your profit potential and provide residual income. The Dealer Rep orders and works through you, and you receive profits on all of their sales.

    12. Joining the Sam Andy family is generally risk-free. In many cases, the inventory you initially ordered is sold by the time you receive the shipment.

    13. As a Sam Andy Dealer, you order products at wholesale prices and deliver to your customer at retail.

    14. A selling point Sam Andy has used for many years is the comparison of our product to insurance. No one would think of not having insurance on their valuables -- home, furnishings -- autos, health. What's more valuable than your family? Setting up a Sam Andy food reserve is insurance you can eat! Peace of mind insurance.

    15. Some of us can remember when a loaf of bread cost only a quarter! That's just a general illustration of how food prices have risen in the past few years, and continue to rise! Setting up a food storage plan with wholesome Sam Andy products now is money in the bank! It's insurance against continuing rising food prices. After all, the food you put away today will cost a lot more a few years from now, and it lasts 15-25 years!

    16. Sam Andy is the leader is helping people set up Food Storage Plans. We've carefully researched food plans for all of our units to provide the maximum nutrition and caloric content for anywhere from the proper nourishment for a single person for up to two years, to large groups that need to be fed for various time periods.

    17. Sam Andy provides a wealth of information on using our products. The Sam Andy Cookbook and Food Storage Guide is unique in offering not only hundreds of tasty, delicious recipes and meal preparation tips, but also information on storing food, suggested menus, and more.

    18. Sam Andy Dealers don't have to worry about shipping. We can ship directly to your customers.

    19. There's comfort in being a Sam Andy Dealer and the knowledge that in helping a family to set up a food storage plan, you've given them the peace of mind that no matter what comes up, they won't go hungry. In these days of company layoffs and plant closings, that's no small matter.

    20. The good people at Sam Andy want you to be successful. We make available professional sales and marketing support to help you increase sales.

    21. Sam Andy sells more than food, too. In our catalog, you'll see a large variety of useful tools and items for emergency preparation, from solar-powered radios to water purification tablets, lanterns, blankets, and camp stoves.

    22. For years, Sam Andy has invested in useful publications to give people the knowledge they need to be self-reliant and prepared for emergencies. All of these are available to your customers, too -- from booklets on how to grow sprouts, to what to do in case of fire, earthquake, or hurricanes. Sam Andy doesn't just sell food -- we promote preparedness and self-reliance.

    23. Sam Andy is a name you can count on. We've been around for over half a century, and have the best reputation in the emergency-
      preparedness industry. We are the only company ever to be invited to the World Food Conference at the UN, and continue to provide service to combat hunger worldwide.

    24. If you join the family of Sam Andy Dealers, you might even surprise yourself by your ability to turn over these products fast. Dealers have reported earning from $500 to $5,000 in a single week...even in a single day! You could do even better!

    25. And finally...Sam Andy believes that if we take care of our Dealers, our Dealers will take care of us. We're here to help you grow your business! We've designed our Initial Stocking Orders to include the things you need the most, along with the best-selling food items. It will not only help you jump-start your business, but it's a proven fact that the faster you get started, the better off your sales will be!

      Other good reasons...
      Freedom - Safety - Security - High Income, Low Risk
      Full-Time or Part-Time - Home-Based or Office/Store Business
      No Experience Required - Training Provided Real Service to Others - Merchant Credit Card Service - Drop Shipping Service - Filling a Universal Need -Personal Satisfaction -- Financial Independence

    These are some of the concerns that are causing more and more Americans to stock up now.


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